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Aussies are the best, most active, smarty pants pooches you can find.

Kind of looks like Max.a little too much black, and of course, Max had one blue eye. Smartest dog I ever had.


This Australian Shepherd’s heterochromia cuts across both her eyes so that each eyeball is dark on top and light at the bottom, giving the distinct impression that she is constantly fed up with you… - MegaCutie - Mega Cute Photos, Cute Pets, Cute Dog Pics


A young nice dog. Diesel is sweet big dog that loves meeting new dogs. He loves puppies and would love to have a mate and litter

I love all Aussies, but especially tri-colors with white ruffs and blazes! Just so handsome!

My Percy has boundless energy and is very handsome. Aussies are wonderful pets but require a lot of attention!