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It's easy to forgive someone who hurts me. But the instant you hurt someone I love, I will forever become your enemy. I will defend my house and all those with in its walls with everything I have.

Design on Style 'Sleep Eat Play Basketball' Vinyl Wall Art Quote by Design on Style

Design on Style 'Sleep Eat Play Basketball' Vinyl Wall Art Quote

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The New York Rens were the first all-black professional African-American owned basketball team, formed in Harlem (1923). Basketball manager Robert “Bob” Douglas made a deal with Harlem real estate developer William Roach (owner of the new Renaissance Ballroom & Casino). Douglas asked Roach if they could play their home games at his ballroom in return for changing the name of the team to the “New York Renaissance” in order to promote the dance hall far and wide (Roach Agreed). The “Rens”…

This is a topic that's really close to me. Ever had that experience when you put an awesome shoe on and it just doesn't feel right? That's right, thos

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