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Orange Blossom is a fragrant distillation of fresh bitter-orange flower. This orange, also known as sour orange, is usually too sour to be enjoyed out of hand, but this very same bitterness makes this type of orange much more aromatic than the rest of the orange varieties. Almost all parts of bitter orange are used to produce beautiful and aromatic materials for the fragrance industry: the essential oil is derived from peel of a fruit, orange leaves are used in production of Petitgrain oil.

Bitter Orange perfume ingredient, Bitter Orange fragrance and essential oils Citrus aurantium

SAÚDE: Conheça os benefícios da cebola

SAÚDE: Conheça os benefícios da cebola

Justin Bieber is going to space!

Justin Bieber Goes to Space!

Justin Bieber was recently invited on the most exciting trip he'll ever take in his life. The pop star and his manager Scooter Braun will join the.

Bergamotte- Heilpflanze.

Oil is distilled from the rind of the Citrus Aurantium fruit, which is a pear-shaped, grapefruit-like citrus fruit. The bergamot tree grows well in the Mediterranean and other warm, dry climates, but it is remarkably adaptive.

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Ellen Hosts Justin Bieber's Graduation

Justin Bieber graduates on Ellen. She is so great and funny. I kept this since I like Ellen it just happens to have Justin in it. Justin is so funny in this vid it's adorable