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'Royals' by Lorde . Taken during OLLA filming 2012 .

Le Royal Hotels and Resorts - El Minzah:Le grand.

Tom is like...'I caught a whiff of something that smells revolting!'

Definitive Proof That Chris Hemsworth Is An Actual Norse God

I think it's funny that I'm seeing all these posts about Tom Hiddleston/ Chris Hemsworth because I'm watching Thor right now :)

Tom Hiddleston at the British Academy Television Awards at the Royal Festival Hall, London (08.05.2016). Via Torrilla. Higher resolution image: http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6e14d388gw1f3ojlsjf5wj21jh2bc7wh.jpg

attends the House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2016 at the Royal Festival Hall on May 2016 in London, England. Via Torrilla.

I like the coronation scene because you get to see "peasant" (or at least non-royal) fashions. It's interesting that everyone else wears more muted tones. Is it just a fashion thing or is there a rule against wearing a color someone in the royal family has claimed?

nom-hiddleston: I like when he touches and moves his green cape! Part II [Are you sure to click?)] He’s like a kid in a Halloween costume who thinks the cape can make him fly~

Tom's, Evil Super Friends. I love this man more everyday! He just included Disney, SW, and Terminator with him...WIN!

Tom Hiddleston's, Evil Super Friends ~ A BIG "YES" on all of those, methinks! I LOVE his first choice .