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Or tries to hand it to you when you bump into them at the grocery store!!

Dentaltown - When the patient puts their broken denture on the reception desk.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 95 Pics

Funny pictures about A little royal dental humor. Oh, and cool pics about A little royal dental humor. Also, A little royal dental humor.

Dental Assisting Exam

I didn& even think there was a Dental Assisting Exam- I wonder what the questions are like.& is the best way to make an anxious patient feel even more anxious?& The correct answer is & them WOW- you& so nervous!

Food for Denture Wearers [Article]--Can people who wear dentures eat a raw food diet?  The answer is NO. Do NOT neglect your teeth and do not eat all raw food, especially a high fruit or fruitarian diet.  Eat some raw foods, but a fully raw diet will erode your teeth and cause many, many cavities. Your teeth don't know the difference between white table sugar and fruit sugar.

10 Common Food Traps (and How to Avoid Them)

The look of new dentures may give you something to smile about, but trying to eat with them may not. Learning to eat with dentures may be challenging in.

The pts that look like they stuff their faces yet gag on a inch of plastic um no!

Hahaha so have been there a million times story of a dental assistants LIFE!

Hahaha. Central Arkansas Pediatric Dentistry | #Sherwood | #AR | http://centralarkansaspediatricdentistry.com/

Kelly at the Library: Favorite passive programs My favorite is vote for your favorite book character around election time.