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Lol every 5sos fam would be like

Lol every fam would be like

Why you all up in my grillll??????

Another one of my favorites is why are you all up in my grill, I don't remember barbecuing bitch. Or just using a fandom insult that they don't get.

luke hemmings funny face - Google Search

Its funny cause its true,Luke would soo do this Not my pin

YouTube girls talk boys cover by the most talented people ever!!

5 Seconds Of Summer - Girls Talk Boys

Ashton & Calum arguing over coffee - @ashtonbrah it just coffee bro

Ashton & Calum arguing over coffee - it just coffee bro


True<<<<flannel,band shirt,bandana, black skinny jeans,and black converse.<<<that's basically the fam uniform just sayin<<<<<was that a pun


Ashton in the Try Hard video. There actually was a video when they were talking about who does the best with the girls, and Ash always denies it but the other boys say it's him.