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Deporting teenagers on their way to school isn't secure border control. It's a violation of human rights, the Editorial Board writes. (Illustration: Jun Cen)

Daniel Zender

Highly influenced by horror movies and Italian Art Deco, Daniel Zender’s colorful yet eerie illustrations have added some edge to numerous publications including The New York Times and Variety. He ...

The Year in Illustration

This is Ben Wiseman's art for Frank Bruni's Sunday Review column, "We Invited Donald Trump to Town." Click to see the rest of the best Opinion art of 2015. (Illustration: Ben Wiseman)

The Love Story Primary

America loves a good love story. When election season is upon us, it’s no surprise that we love parsing our candidates’ marriages, trying to figure out what those imperfect unions might reveal about our favorite — or our most despised — wannabe’s true character. Are the marriages of politicians any of our business? Absolutely, writes Jennifer Wiener in her Op-Ed, The Love Story Primary. (Illustration: Kiersten Essenpreis)

In the military, you will work with people who are different from you. And you'll risk your lives for each other. (Illustration: Cari Vander Yacht)