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The new favorite.

The Top 14 Most Hilarious Christian Memes - HAPPY SONSHIP

More like when they say how you must drink it to be " healthy".

Lol, this is the look I get from my aunt in the mornings. I'm one of those happy go lucky morning people. --all of which I will never understand.

Me and my bro used to call the "don't let the balloon touch the floor game" the "volleyballoon"

Need to add this to our survey. Lol

And if an ER nurse had anything to do with it, that answer is probably No!

Also, tats and temples

God tells is to live holy because He is holy, that includes your woredrob! We are the church, temple of God

On Saturday Night Live

15 Donald Trump Memes And Funny Quotes Guaranteed To Get You Giggling

Other Christians!

A shout-out to all the girls living for Christ on the college campus! These 15 hilarious memes go out to you.

broke niggas - Google Search

Funny Little Girl Dudes be like “I’m spiritual” I be like “Demons are spirits too, be more specific”