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I love this I know it's long but look until the end (there may be a potatoe)

Brilliant Owlturd comic strips they are just a little too relatable<< oh Shenpai

The last one is bad, because eagles won.

The American Football season is starting, let the bashing begin…Lol! You will hear a lot of football.

dedicated to the singer, songwriter and rapper, frank ocean.

Need replacement parts? Send me a message to get yours ASAP so you can enjoy your Scentsy again!

what do light bulbs say when there in a happy mood? can I get a watt watt

Pin for Later: Can You Make It Through These GIFs Without Laughing Your Face Off? Greatest technology fail ever?

Greatest technology fail ever?

I would seriously run for hours a day. so amazing

I would lose so much weight with this…

Even though I don't like family guy, seriously, why ARE we not funding this? Maybe some people would just never use it as an incentive to work out, since they'll have their laptops at home, but I'd use it for that! Do homework on the treadmill!

Lady, I got bout 27 people in my head and they was all about to beat yo ass!! I'm telling you, I'm c

Madea - Lady, I got bout 27 people in my head and they was all about to beat yo ass!

Miami heat Lebron James and Dwayne Wade

Lebron: you better toughen up if you want to play on my team! D wade: whose team Lebron? Lebron: our team d wade our team Lol

An average day on Tumblr...

An average day on the Internet…

For Lease Navidad

Merry Christmas Christmas LOL funny graffiti win Awesome holidays jokes sign pun joke feliz navidad puns epic funny sign punny bad pun Bad Puns the holidays hacked irl

get-that-child-support.....Lol I sooo need to read this one! A year and a half without support for three kids is very hard...but he can pay for another baby he has ohh I forgot her parents do......I wish they would pay for OUR DIVORCE!!!!!

I want to own this book right now. "Girl, Get that Child Support". This just rose to the top of my To Read list. just barely edging out For Whom the Bell Tolls.