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First Trailer for Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall  Watch the trailer for the live-action Halo show  Read more at http://gotchamovies.com/news/first-trailer-ridley-scotts-halo-nightfall-180845#kKc07LXm7eMWEEQi.99  #Halo #Nightfall #RidleyScott #SDCC

Big surprise – Xbox 360 surpasses the Wii in September sales

Cuesta diesinueve dolares con noventa y nueve centavos

this is widely considered the best halo game (after 2 of course) and I really enjoyed it, but personally, I liked reach a lot better

oh no Jedi spartan

My friend Kevin made a High Def Master Chief Spartan Armor Suit. Dave is the photographer and fellow armor maker, and has taken lots of pictures of Kevin in his Chief suit. He wears the suit to promote Xbox 360 Halo video games, to attend.

Cant wait!!!

Halo With the ending of there is just so much emotion in this picture. "Don't make a girl promises you can't keep"

-Di hola halo- by R-SRaven #Halo #Spartan #Elite #ConceptArt #Art #Fanart #Scifi #Fantasy #Gaming #VideoGame #Game #Games #Videogames #artistic #xbox #characterdesign #character #characterart #digitalpainting #digitalart #digital #flood #bungie #343industries #343

-Di hola halo- by R-SRaven on Deviantart (The Arbiter and Master Chief of Halo)

Halo Birthday Party Invitation by PrintsnPretties on Etsy

Halo Inspired Birthday Party Invitation

Does this include family pets?

Does this include family pets?

Halo Master Chief Costume - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Halo Master Chief - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Halo Master Chief Costume - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest I wanna this costume

This is how every great warrior starts his day.

All comments on Master Chief Drinking Coffee - Halo Wallpaper ID 11633 - Destop Nexus Video Games.

Halo 3 - Mjolnir VI-Coolest suits of armor

Master Chief Quick Navigation Links: Character Breakdown: Master Chief The Master Chief Workout The Skills of Master Chief The Solitude of Master Chief Name: Master Chief “John Gam…

Instagram is down

Haha so true.why do people feel the need to post pictures of their food?

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Messing with Liam Neeson is a BAD idea!

You don’t mess with this man…Liam Neeson is the definition of badass.