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Hilib Ari Isku Duug (Braised Goat Meat) - Braised goat meat is a Somali favourite. I learnt how to cook goat meat in this fashion from my mother and grandmother. Thanks to them the result is always tender, melt off the bone meat.

Beef Braised with Tomatoes and Cloves (Garofolato)

Chicken Cacciatore

The Italian classic of CHICKEN CACCIATORE - chicken braised with tomatoes and wine, with capers and olives for kick.

Crockpot Braised Beef Ragu with Polenta

Goat is a popular meat amongst the nomadic Somali people who praise its soft, juicy taste. Roast goat is the preferred method of cooking. In this recipe I have used a spice blend to marinate the meat. The result is soft, succulent, fall off the bone meat that is packed with flavour.

Muqmad (odkac) - preserved camel or beef meat. Popular for breakfast but loved at all times by Somalis

Emeril's Kicked-Up Tuna Melts


Samosa or sambuus as we call it in Somali is a deep fried triangular shaped pastry filled with meat and spices. It is commonly made for afternoon tea - asariya.