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Liam and Zayn tried to go unnoticed as they arrived at JFK

So that's why he's called Daddy Direction! Liam Payne cradles a friend's baby.

Oh hell no! Niall needs his nandos!

XDD LooL oh hell yes ! Don't say no Niall cause your friend Justin is right we could be starving for sure because we need food and we have to eat something lol 😄😅😆😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️

Niall Horan performing at the iheartradio festival in Vegas 9.20.14

Niall Horan of One Direction performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Half of me thinks that people should stop making these.  But the other half finds them hilarious.

I can't take anymore, it's not right, not right. lol this fandom I swear<< I love niall and Liam's dress where can I buy them? Lol Iove this fandom<<<little black dress just walked into the room making heads turn can't stop looking at you

I think Niall is officially a fangirl. Look at him creepin and whatnot. haha this was in SLC

"Niall is a Belieber" things change, people change<<<<<um this is not Bieber!<<< Niall is the biggest fan…

I pinned this before but... All you people who don't repin this are suckers.

Like,comment & share for Sorry I had to. This is creeping me out! Not but the girl!<<<<Hey, i don't mind, i got One Direction coming to me YA BUDDY!

brb drowning myself in his shower...WHY IS THIS KIND OF STUFF ALLOWED..not ok..im not ok..help {GIF}

Liam in leather and Niall STAHP. {GIF} Niall and his eyebrows

I can literally FEEL the cuteness in the air. Oh my gosh. Please stay single for life boys

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