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So freaking cute, that I can't handle it.

So freaking cute, that I can't handle it.

“@lisantbr 女王の意味を勘違いするバディ”

アサガオ on

“@lisantbr 女王の意味を勘違いするバディ”

I really love this photo! lol the music video, "Soul Eater - This is halloween" is also sooo gooodddd

This AMV change my life: it brings me to Soul Eater and than my Anime/Otaku-Time starts. :) It's amazing. The AMV Soul Eater- This is Halloween is really creepy. The anime, Soul Eater, is not creepy. The AMV was great though.

Pokémon/Soul Eater Crossover

Oh God! Why Excalibur?

Soul Eater / Pokémon ~~ Pity the Pokedex as Excalibur intones, "FOOL!" This is the best thing ever xD


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...I have no words.

This just made me laugh so hard! I decided I had to pin it

Soul Eater - Community - Google+

Black Star, Death the Kid-Soul Eater it better with Soul

No Maka thats not how you test the blade sharpness

I don't know how anime characters just take wounds like "I'm fine. This battle is more important than my physical health".