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Edward Sutcliffe (UK: 1978) - Portrait of Glenda Jackson (British Labour Party politician and former actress)

here's an amazing watercolour painting by my brother from the UK @dhanjalart highlighting Bapu Surat Singh Ji's struggle to free Sikh political prisoners. #BapuSuratSingh #FreeSikhPoliticalPrisoners #ArtForJustice #watercolor #gouache #portrait #sikh #sikhi #sikhs #punjab #india @dhanjalart

The paintings are built in panels (14ft x 32ft) which are made from individual vertical oak panels being joined together with hessian and chalk glue. Due to their size and rarity they are among the most important surviving examples of Tudor painting in the Country. The paintings represent an extraordinary piece of political theatre and propaganda. They offer us a rare opportunity to imagine how Henry VIII may have been seen by the ordinary people.

{ GEORGE W. BUSH'S FIRST BOOK OF PAINTINGS WILL BE OF AMERICAN SERVICEMEN, ENTITLED 'PORTRAITS OF COURAGE' AND IS SET FOR RELEASE IN FEBRUARY #DailyMailUK ..... "The former president, who has dabbled in portraits of political leaders and puppies in his post-White House life, has put together a collection of artwork that will hit the shelves next year.".... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3789707/George-W-Bush-s-book-paintings-titled-Portraits-Courage-set-release-February.html

Susanna Arethusa Gibson, née Cullum (1814–1885), society hostess and political activist by Spiridione Gambardella (St Edmundsbury Museums - St Edmundsbury, Suffolk UK)

Iran 1800's "When a new dynasty, the Qajars, emerged at the end of the eighteenth century, portraits in oils began to assume a highly political function. The founder of the dynasty, Agha Muhammad (died 1797), had been castrated as youth by his father's enemies, and his successor, Fath 'Ali Shah (ruled 1797-1834), was keen to emphasize his masculinity. As a way of doing this, he commissioned numerous portraits of himself that showed him as slim-waisted, youthful...Female Tumbler (Oil) | V&A

Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (1730-82), by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Rockingham was twice Prime Minister of Great Britain: July 1765-July 1766 and March-July 1782.

antanlontan: Ever Young Graphic Studio, Jamestown, Ghana, 1953 by James Barnor ’Ever Young’ studio in Accra, Ghana, operated by James Barnor between 1953 – 1959. Visited by civil servants and dignitaries, performance artists and newly-weds, ‘Ever Young’ served as a social hub and community centre where, in the artist’s own words, “young and old met and discussed everything from politics to music and the latest fashion styles”. Part of a long tradition of studio photography in Africa, this…

65: Harold Macmillan 1894–1986 Dates in office 1957-1963 Political party: Conservative r Harold 'Supermac' Macmillan distanced the UK from apartheid, sped up the process of decolonisation and was heavily involved in negotiating the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. His ‘winds of change’ speech in 1960, he distanced himself and the country from apartheid and he speeded up the process of decolonisation. living standards in Britain increased he claimed that the British public had “never had it so good”.

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