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Scott Mackinnon, Consultant | Interesting fact: When he was 16 years old, Scott sang karaoke with Bonnie Tyler at a New Year’s Eve party

Aimee-Marie Morgan, Junior Marketing Manager | Interesting fact: Once appeared in a film with Rupert Everett

Paul Sharp, Consultant | Interesting fact: Paul was mistaken for James Corden, at the actor’s own book signing in Watford

Anthony Koporo, Consultant | Interesting fact: Three Time BAFL (British American Football League) Cup winner

Barry Kirby, Senior Consultant | Interesting fact: Barry can touch his nose with his tongue

Mark Baxter, Director | Interesting fact: Mark has spent a quarter of his life in Dubai

Andrew Habib, Consultant | Interesting fact: Andrew travelled through 11 European countries in one trip spending only a tenner on travel

Jamie Bohanna, Consultant | Interesting fact: When Jamie was younger he was a professional dancer

Natalie Formosa, Business Support | Interesting fact: Natalie was once a cheerleader on SMTV Live

Winta Negassi, HR Business Manager | Interesting fact: Winta can speak seven different languages