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You're sure to generate a lot of laughs if you try one of these work pranks. photo by akeg on Flickr

Cannot wait to get back into the office today! After having the last 6 working days out of the office with two of my designers on 3 photoshoots there is so much to do!!

sick day out of office out of the office ooto trending #GIF on #Giphy via #IFTTT http://gph.is/29PoqJ1

Tradeshow: Tricks of the Trade If you are going to spend some of your hard-earned profit on the perfect booth location, take a whole day (sometimes multiple days) out of the office, donate your blood, sweat, and sometimes tears into the set-up of your booth then, you had better get your ROI out of this tradeshow.

Green blouse This green blouse with mesh triangle detailing is perfect for a day out on the town or a day of hard work in the office. Tops Blouses

KEEP YOUR CALM IN THE OFFICE WITH A ZEN DISH GARDEN - The stress that modern people need to live with day in and day out is astounding. It is therefore not surprising that the 21st century generation is so keen on discovering ways to relax themselves wherever they are. Companies and businesses are now recognizing the negative impact of stress in work so that attempts to make their offices more relaxing is being proactively pursued.

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