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Only from the xfactor account. Other people still have them around

Sad sad day and no one even knows why! this is not happening? I was just watching them?

people may think i'm kidding, but i'm really, really not.

I totally agree :) I got it today! The cd, I already have them on itunes!

I have to get up at 5:45am, it's a horrifying experience

all the time but look at zayns face its priceless

FINALLY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! They're both so freaking hot! :D but Niall is still hotter!!!  that is so true

I was just talking about this! No wonder I love Hunter Hayes so much. I obviously have a type!

This is me with my sister, and about a lot of singers that I love ;) @LAURYN MORRIS Whistler she could name a few ;)

I actually don't like their song but yes, I would sing along for the fun of it lol.

Niall Horan as Dori.. And the funnier thing is, Dori is voiced by Ellen.

Niall Horan and Dori, long lost twins! And the funnier thing is, Dori is voiced by Ellen!