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A world full of books

A world full of books

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I love reading and haven't even finished Harry Potter or read Twilight. My friends try to get me to read Harry Potter, and my mom tries to get me to read Twilight eventually but. Harry Potter I'll read soon.

Harry Potter,The Host, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games<<<<<<AND STITCH!!!!!! ~ http://ownerbuiltdesign.com ~ ​Residential design and drafting solutions for Hawaii homeowners, real estate investors, and contractors. Most projects ready for permit applications in 2 weeks or less.

This is my family. (Harry Potter, Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games) Harry Potter's okay and Ive never read Mortal instruments but Hunger games and divergent FTW!<<<<< and lilo and stitch gosh does no one remeber that quote


TRUE-Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley, PURE-Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase, STRONG- Tris & Four, ENDURING-Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger.

Award for most feels goes to.... *Sobbing* This *Crying* Post. *Bawling*

*Sobbing* This *Crying* Post. Boy in the second to last place plays Peeta right?

Harry Potter vs LOTR

funny Harry Potter Lord of the Rings similarities. Finding a lot of the similarities as I'm reading through the Tolkien Series!

Triggered because this reminds me too much of Newt's death (cue the picture ahjjjjjjhhh)

WAIT NEWT DIES <<< Yes. Shame on you for looking at Maze Runner stuff before finishing the books. That is, of coarse, unless you were looking at one of the other fandoms.

It should be a pen but this time I will let it slide my fandom

Tris Prior, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Percy Jackson>>>I'm reading the Divergent series now (I'm on Insurgent) but I haven't read Harry Potter yet:( >> I just finished the Divergent trilogy, but I haven't read HP yet either :)