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I'm Only Human // Sherlock Holmes WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF I recently watched the unaired pilot of "Sherlock" and saw how different Sherlock's character originally was at the start. It was almost like they "de-humanized" him for the aired pilot, "A Study in Pink", so we could see how his relationships changed him (if only a little bit, it was enough).

So, with the whole crossover of "Sherlock ran off for two years to become an alien assassin, and a fire breathing dragon." This particular speech about Kahn doing whatever he can for his "family" is exactly how I would view Sherlock looking back at how he faked his death, and John is still in the dark about it. He wants so badly to let his best friend know the truth, but he can't, so he has to be the silent protector from a distance, just like Kahn

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