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.Titanic Era. by CaramelCraze.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This is Marinella's OLD design please do not refer to her as "Mangle" i just really liked how it turned out so I wanted to post it .

Blasticheart is amazing at drawing these...go check out her deviantart!!!

The way this person draws reminds me of on of my friends drawing styles.

The puppet in his Jack Skellington costume. I hope you like it (and sorry for bad english)

I'm into halloween recently. Just check out some of my other boards. You'll see a WHOLE BUNCH of halloween treats on just ONE board Más

I can die of cuteness >///<<<<first I was like awww then I was like wait... Purple guys in there...

Rose: *runs up to spring* SPRING! *hugs* Spring: *blushes* i missed you too Rose.

wait so in fnaf 2 someone (forget there name) got fired on night 7 or 8 so is that how mangle why mangle is broken?it could of been before night 1 to 5 are played

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In FNaF 2 bite of 87 happened on night 6 causing Jeremy to get replaced on the night (forgot the guys name) and that caused the owners to believe the Foxy animatronics were to dangerous thats y in FNaF 1 foxy is out of order

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Phone Guy/Scott as Freddy, Jeremy Fitzgerald as Bonnie, Mike Schmidt as Foxy, Purple Guy/Vincent as Golden Freddy (Rebornica's AU)