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Huge character development that makes me wanna sob.--- And not long after. It all went to Hell as usual.

Supernatural ET cover 2017

EW Halloween Edition -Jensen Ackles Single Cover out on October, 17 2017 at Barnes and Noble!

I really hope he said that. People should respect people and their lives. Just because someone is a good actor does not mean they sign their whole life away for the public's prying eye. Good Job SPN fans! I'm happy to belong to such a great fandom full of really interesting people who actually care about the well being of the men and women who make our favorite show possible. :)

Supernatural - The respectful fandom :) <--- pinning for that comment.

Favorite gag reel moment (day 19) - season 6 gag reel - I think this is self-explainatory. I mean the boys being dorks is awesome

supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins purgatory am i kicked out of the fandom yet <--- this is actually from season gag reel. Jared is in there somewhere at some point if you watch the full thing


Misha and Jensen trying to send Jared a message 😂

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