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Unwed Woman Takes Photos With Mannequin Family Over 14 Years

An Ode to Spinsterhood: Suzanne Heintz's "Life Once Removed" Series

Mannequin husband by suzanne heintz фотограф suzanne heintz

Suzanne Heintz :‘Spinster’ Photographer Poses With Mannequin Family to Depict the American DreamPhotography


Art,fashion,design,technology etc from the atomic space age

Peter Judson Grid 04 Car

Blink Art is a creative agency that represents an exceptional collection of artists working across photography, illustration, set design, film and animation.

These Memphis-Inspired House Goods Are A Nostalgic Nod To The '80s | Co.Design…

These Memphis-Inspired House Goods Are A Nostalgic Nod To The ’80s

We love this inspirational graphic look. The grid wallpaper and monochrome look works seamlessly with the colbolt blue, tied together with splashes of red and green

Hideaki Hamada' sons

Photo by Hideaki Hamada. The yellow grabs the attention of the audience. The artist takes many photos of children.

by Hideaki Hamada

Photo by Hideaki Hamada. From this I feel that this artist's picture create a sense of peacefulness and comfort. Just by looking at the children, a big smile spreads on my face.


I like the strength and the meaning that images can forward when they are juxtaposed.