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How to Throw a Wedding Reception for $1000

How to Throw a Wedding Reception for $1000 -

Great Idea! "Running your music on an iPod can be great, but not if the wrong song comes on or the music cuts out. That's why WeddingDJ helps you plan out all the music you need at your wedding, using the songs and playlists you have in iTunes. When the big day comes, you hand it off to your MC, who simply needs to slide "next" for each part of your wedding"

Unique Wedding Touches for Your Guests

Honeymoon fund at wedding reception. You can get a little help from guests by putting out a honeymoon fund jar. Guests can donate as little or as much as they want anonymously and you find the pleasant support you received the next day. It may not cover the honeymoon, but it may be just enough for spending money. (other great ideas on this site)

25 Money-Saving Ideas For Your Wedding (From Pinterest)

25 amazing #wedding-ideas to help you actually save money on your wedding day!...when I married my lovely wife, we got creative and had a wedding and reception (thanks to some awesome friends and family) that we loved for just a couple thousand dollars. But back then - before the days of Pinterest - we had to actually be creative. ;) Now-a-days you can spend an hour on Pinterest and find more great frugal wedding ideas than you will ever be able to use.

Custom color, "The Kissing Jar, Add your money, Ring the bell & the bride and groom will kiss", handpainted decorative wedding sign

"The Kissing Jar. Add your $, Ring the bell & the bride and groom will kiss" For wedding reception. This hand-painted rustic wooden sign is approximately 12"x6". It is shown made from two boards but can be made from one wide board if preferred. It can be custom painted in the color your choice, and distressed if desired. Signed . The entire project is finished with an interior satin sealer.

How to Have an Inexpensive Wedding

There are many ways to save money on a wedding reception. You don't have to go over budget and your budget doesn't have to be huge.