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Mike Lisovitskiy on

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#Supernatural - Season 11 Episode 17 I feel like Sam never gets the praise he deserves. He's a bad ass too!

11x02 Form and Void [gifset] - "Whenever you have to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters... you chose them. Every. Time." - Efram, Jonah, Castiel, Supernatural - Damn right he does! Dean may beat him up occasionally but the boys have never hung him up by his wrists and tortured him.

Amelia Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy - Season 11 Episode 14 - S11E14 - The Distance - Dr. Herman - This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic (

Calzona/Grey's on

Grey's Anatomy Personally the end of Grey's for me was the season finale of season 11... Tried watching season 12 but I just can't. Not after the way Shonda killed off McDreamy. He didn't even get a full goodbye episode like Sloan did just horrible to the character