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{Top 20 WordPress Plugins} According to statistics, WordPress was behind nearly one-fourth of all websites on the Internet at the end of 2014. Since it’s development back in 2004, the content management system quickly became one of the mainstays for delivering material to the masses. From using backups on the Cloud to enhancing the experience with a Woocommerce mobile app, here are 20 of the most popular WordPress plugins:

There’s no doubt the popularity of Instagram is on the rise. We saw a stat this week that 13% of all Internet users have an Instagram account. That’s too many fingers and toes to count, but that’s a big slice of potential audience.

Do you cringe every time someone mentions your website? Is it looking a little out dated? In the long term you know you need to approach a web designer (or us!) to get your site …

If you have a small business you know that your website is almost always your biggest marketing asset. It’s the 24 hour store front and your non-stop sales team. But having a sparkling website is …

Like any good machine your website needs regular servicing to give it a fighting chance. A general rule of thumb is you have less than 10 seconds to engage a user on your site. Here’s what to look for when doing your website service:

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