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Some at Bamboo shelter project, a mega project of building earthquake-resistant structures shaped ball made of bamboo, at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Sunday,

What Would Happen If Giants Ruled the World? (15 Ideas)

this sculpture campaign in london is pretty cool. when i was a kid, we used to make snow sculptures that attempted to achieve this same effect. i made a loch ness monster one year and even used food colouring to...

Teshigahara's bamboo installations, which draw on the ikebana tradition, are jaw-droppingly original. If you watch Antonio Gaudi, you will notice some affinities between Teshigahara's extraordinary bamboo structures and Gaudi's curved, organic shapes.

basket sculpture by Shono Shounsai 1904-1974. Masters of Bamboo: Japanese baskets and sculpture in the Cotsen Collection

Bamboo Booth’ was exhibited in the “Vietnam Architecture Exhibition 2012″, held in Hanoi for 5 days in April, 2012.Bamboos were chosen to express Vietnamese architecture culture. To cope up with the short construction time period, bamboos are placed straightly like brickwork to create massive wall, floor and roof in a minimalist manner.The Company calls it “bamboo masonry”, or a quasi log house structured by bamboos.

Maureen Kelman, Shibori dyed silk stretched and pulled between wire armatures or bent bamboo structures.

Building with Bamboo: 13 Super Sustainable Structures

It's 100% natural, thrives in diverse climates, grows up to a whopping 39 inches per day and is super-strong; why isn't bamboo already used more often as a