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Video - Just too fun.  The Big Four - The Movie. OMG SO AWESOME i absolutely love all of the stuff with these 4

So I don't normally get into things like this but this is awesome! Big Four movie trailer - EXTREMELY well done & realistic! Gave me goosebumps! MUST WATCH!

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. This name is so bizarre because part of me thinks it's pretty corny but part of me thinks it's actually cool.

Rapunzel, a naïve girl who has been shut away by a tower her entire life, and dreams of things beyond the solitary walls. Her over protective mother, clings to.

What is this? I'm so confused... I know it's not a real movie, but what is all this "The Rise of Brave Tangled Dragon" stuff?

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I was shocked at how good Dragons 2 was but come on. A 3rd one?! What, he's going to find his long lost brother now or something?! Get with it Disney. We need more Rise of the guardians and more Brave. You used you're puny little heads to come up with these clever movies. Make even better sequels!!!!!!

Hope the rest of you get a sequel

Because Hiccup has 3 shorts, his own TV show, AND a sequel and hopefully a THIRD movie coming!

Pitch telling Jack Frost of his friends' deaths. PITCH GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID.

Pitch showing Jack his fears. -- Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons O_O

by she-sells-seagulls.deviantart.com | Hiccup Haddock x Jack Frost | Frostcup | Hijack | How To Train Your Dragon | Rise of the Guardians

And this is how hiccup and Jack had a very awkward friendship

hiccups the hot girl by derpfiree on DeviantArt . Ok, this is awesome because they did the scene with Stiles and Scott from Teen Wolf like about how Scott is "The hot girl/ Alpha", but with disney caracters. Stliles is Jack( Frost ), Scott is Hiccup and Isaac is Tadashi. ( Rise of the guardians, How to train your dragons, Big hero 6). Also you can see Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel and Flynn in the back.

hiccups the hot girl by derpfiree on DeviantArt Also you can see Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel and Flynn in the back.