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Puzzle Purse Valentine, about 1790. The British Postal Museum & Archive. A single sheet of paper is folded multiple times. The *puzzle* is to unfold it in the right way to read the verses handwritten on the folds. In smallest size there is a red heart with a message: My dear the heart which you behold / Will break when you the same unfold / Even so my heart with lovesick pain / Sure wounded is and breaks in twain. Click on the image above to see close-ups and read the verses.

Sula Fay Embroiders On Vintage Doilies Using Her Hair As Thread from Beautiful Decay. Click to enlarge

A 1734 family tree drawn by Buchinger. Credit Collection of Ricky Jay // These micrographic drawings, from the collection of Ricky Jay, are signed with some variation of “Matthias Buchinger, born without hands or feet.”

1740-1750, United Kingdom - Man's formal suit - Wool, trimmed with silver gilt braid, lined with silk, linen and buckram, hand-sewn

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