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In a glance, modern Indian wedding cake doesn’t have very much difference than the traditional Indian wedding cakes. Indians may have the same theme exactly like their ancestors, this is reflect that the old culture ad believe play very important role on the Indian life style, including the design of the wedding cake.

In many cultures, the branch is a deep-rooted symbol. Though the exchange of rings is not a tradition in a Greek wedding, having the rings brought out on an olive branch is a great way to put a modern spin on old traditions. 4 Modern Ideas For Exchanging Rings Beyond The Velvet Pillow

This beautiful venue boasts with modern sophistication in the heart of Wine Country! Gorgeous Indian wedding! Wedding Venue: Solage Alive with Color and Culture

Masterfully handwoven from wool in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco, Berber Handira Wedding blankets are central to the nomadic Berber culture. These gorgeous pillows are made from authentic Hand

Vintage Handira Pillows CoverEach of pillow cover is cut from an old Handira Moroccan and each one is unique.The Handira is hand woven from 100% wool by the Berber women of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They are traditional wedding blankets worn by the Berbers as a cape during the ceremony..: Color: ecru.: Material: 50% wool, 50% cotton. // silver sequins.: Size: 60x45 cm // 23,7in x 17,5in ( /-).: Handmade in MoroccoThese poufs are sent without...

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