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Black and white photography: what every photographer should know - there are SO many other useful tips here too!

The 10 best camera focus techniques

Black and White Photography: What every photographer should know. I was proud that before I saw their explanation I already decided one photograph should've stayed in color. Very helpful!

Some great tips for shooting for black and white images, or when it's a good idea to convert them.

Shooting For Black & White Images

What makes a good black and white photograph? This post is full of tips for black and white photography, and how to make them work. Click through to read all the tips!

black and white costume. coolest costume idea EVER!

25 Clever Halloween Costumes To Wear As A Group

Funny pictures about Awesome Halloween Costume: Black & White People. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Halloween Costume: Black & White People. Also, Awesome Halloween Costume: Black & White People photos.

Beautiful black and white pictures from some of history's best photographers such as Parkinson, Clarke, Coffin, Horst, Gundlach, Palumbo, Huth and Avedon...

Vintage photography: Classic black and white images

Maybe NOT the hat! ha Mode Jahre Bernadette, Kleid von Lanvin F. Gundlach Paris 1966 in: Annabelle

Some useful tips here about which images look GREAT in black and white, and which don't!

Shooting For Black & White Images