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Dame Edith Sitwell  by Cecil Beaton

Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell DBE (September 1887 – 9 December was a British poet and critic and the eldest of the three literary Sitwells. "My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music and silence.

Amid the blood and guts rebellion of every war against oppression that there has ever been, you will always find the courage and devotion of the poet. In as much as an historian records the …

Anna Swir- "She was an evil stepmother. In her old age she is slowly dying. in an empty hovel. She shudders. like a clutch of burnt paper. She does not remember that she was evil. that she feels cold.

Venetian Cat Bauer - The Venice Blog: Dora Maar - DESPITE PICASSO - Women Artists Welcome Spring 2014 at Palazzo Fortuny

Man Ray Portrait de Dora Maar aux petites mains, 1936 Vintage, gelatina al bromuro d'argento, cm New York, Collezione Debra e Jean.

Irina Ratushinskaya - While imprisoned, Irina continued to write poetry. Her previous works usually centered on love, Christian theology, and artistic creation, not on politics or policies as her accusers stated. Her new works that were written in prison, which were written on soap until memorized and then washed away, number some 250. They expressed an appreciation for human rights; liberty, freedom, and the beauty of life. Her memoir, Grey is the Colour of Hope, chronicles her prison…

The screenwriter of "Mukhtar's Adventures" and the poet dissident Irina Ratushinskaya has died

Марина Цветаева. Сказка матери

Марина Цветаева. Сказка матери