Sip Guatemala Antigua! ROAST: Dark FLAVOR: Pleasant Wine Notes, Dark Cocoa, Bright Sweetness ORIGINS: Central America Grown on the volcanic mountain skirts of Guatemala’s mineral-rich volcanic chain reaching altitudes of up to 6,500 feet. These beans are roasted dark to produce a medium body with traces of bittersweet chocolate and light smokiness. Sit back and let yourself be intoxicated by the cognac-like finish.

Sip Costa Rica Blend! ROAST: Medium FLAVOR: Hearty, Honeyed Flowers, Soft Fruit ORIGINS: Central America Enjoy the vivid bright citrus accents, berry-like juiciness, and chocolate finish of these gem-like beans. A medium roast produces a harmonious brew—creamy and balanced, rich aroma with brilliant acidity, honey sweetness and a smooth, silky, yet hearty body that enhances the coffee’s aroma and complexity

Sip Columbia Supremo! ROAST: Medium FLAVOR: Vibrant, Floral-Sweet Aromatics, Toasted Hazelnut ORIGINS: South America We fell in love with the sweet, creamy body and nutty finish of these beans from a mountain district in Popayan and hope that you enjoy the rich flavor, mild acidity and bold aromatics of this medium roast coffee.

Sip House Blend! ROAST: Medium-Dark FLAVOR: Smooth, Silky Body, Hint of Smokiness ORIGINS: Central & South America Crafted from the finest Central and South American coffees and roasted to a caramel color, then blended with a splash of our sparkling French Roast, this blend brings you all the comforts of home: warm and cozy. Curl up with a cup of this medium-dark roast and enjoy being wrapped in its velvety, full-richness.

Sip Breakfast Blend! ROAST: Medium FLAVOR: Smooth, Rich, Brightly Balanced ORIGINS: Central & South America We’ve paired two beautifully complementary Central and South American coffees together and roasted them medium to romance all the rich flavors, full, buttery sweetness, toasted nut undertones and orange citrus acidity for your morning routine or anytime during the day.

Sip El Salvador Emperador!ROAST: Medium-Dark FLAVOR: Creamy Caramel, Floral Bouquet, Deep Cocoa Finish. ORIGINS: Central America First cultivated in the early 1800’s, this heirloom Bourbon varietal is grown in the Santa Ana prefecture along the Apaneca mountain range. This exquisite cultivar known as the “Emperor of Coffees” presents sophisticated cup characteristics—medium body, caramelized date, apple-pear flavors, delicate acidity with lavender aromatics and an unsweetened cocoa finish

Sip Cocoa Spice! ROAST: Medium-Dark FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate, Smooth Body, Spiced Cream ORIGINS: Asia, Central & South America *Available in ground beans only Don’t fear the heat! Plenty of creamy nutmeg and warm cinnamon notes to this cocoa with a kick! 15th century Aztecs associated chocolate with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility, and often used cocoa as sacred gifts to the gods. No sacrifice of flavor here!

Sip Sumatra Mandheling! ROAST: Dark FLAVOR: Rich, Spicy, Rustic Dark Fruit ORIGINS: Asia Embrace the earthiness of this lovely coffee from Indonesia. When roasted dark, the full, syrupy body and spicy herbal characteristics are brought to life. Enjoy the elegant, slightly earthy tones with an agave nectar finish from the Island of Gold.

Enjoy French Roast! ROAST: Dark FLAVOR: Rich, Smoky, Sweet, Hints of Milk Chocolate ORIGINS: Central & South America Think romance, the rush of meeting someone who sparks a fire in your heart. This blend is our spark! We’ve married 100% Arabica beans from South and Central America and roasted them carefully to a deep, dark onyx color to bring out the blend’s smokiness. This blend offers a rich flavor with full body and perfectly balanced acidity.

Sip French Vanilla! ROAST: Dark FLAVOR: Brown Sugar, Smoky-Sweet, Creamy, Luscious ORIGINS: Central & South America *Available in ground beans only You’ll swoon for this thicker, creamier and textured cup of coffee. French cooks have been whipping up desserts with vanilla for centuries and our blend perfectly captures its scintillating aroma and sweet, round body. C’est si bon!

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