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Hot Cocoa Cone Materials: cellophane pastry bag, 1/3 cup dried hot chocolate mix, 2 TBS. mini choc. chips, 3-4 TBS. mini marshmallows, 1 red gum drop, twist tie or rubber-band, ribbon, poem tag Poem: Hot Cocoa for You or Double for Two! This ice cream cone will sure make you warm. It's a hot cocoa treat in an odd little form. Just add hot water, or even some milk, For yummy hot cocoa that's smoother than silk. Now add your sweets to make it even more dreamy, Then stir, and… v t1.0-9 15220037_1256924307729297_8886290091709033794_n.jpg?oh=f5c5db4aafc53d2ef8baa6e30bcd1639&oe=58B0AED1

American Hershey's Retro Chocolate Sweets Candy Present Hamper Reese's Mini Bite Fun Size Bars Retro Sweets Tootsie Roll Junior Mints Wonka Laffy Taffy Nerds Jolly Ranchers Butterfinger Baby Ruth 3 Musketeers Milky Way Big Red Miniatures ONLY BUY FROM CANDYPLANETUK IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THE ITEM IN THE PICTURES AND AS DESCRIBED IN THE DESCRIPTION. NO ONE ELSE IN THE UK HAS ALL THESE SUPER RARE MINIATURE AMERICAN CHOCOLATES AND GLOSSY RED GOOD QUALITY HAMPER BOXES!

Leftover Chocolate Slice! Love this!! Make a seriously delicious no-bake dessert using any leftover chocolate you have!! SERIOUSLY awesome!! Delicious, quick, easy, cheap & completely customisable! I would want to make sure there was leftover chocolate to make this!!! Soooooo good! oh- she used Maltesers, Minstrels and Kit Kats but you can use ANYTHING... e.g. Ferrero Rochers, Snickers, Mars, Crunchie bars, Peanut Butter Cups, Mini Eggs! #no-bake #chocolate #slice #leftovers