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Mather - wolf crossing

Mather - wolf crossing

He descubierto el lobo que llevo dentro, a veces sale conmigo,  a veces sólo. Hay que dejarlo ser.Nos entendemos, nos llevamos bien.

Le loup et l'Homme vus par le photographe Christian Houge

"The Wild still lingered in him and the Wolf in him merely slept." ~from White Fang by Jack London ~photog Shadow Within Project by Christian Houge

How much do wolves change the world?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

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Happy Mothers day to all the Mom's out there! Whether you're a Mom to a human child or a fur child- happy Mothers day. A Mom isn't defined by whether you gave birth adopted rescued are the same species human/animal helped raise... etc. A Mom is defined by the love and nurturing invested in raising a life other than your own. A Mothers love is something that can move worlds and crosses all species. #HappyMothersDay   PC: @courtney.degraff  @lady.of.the.pnw Edit by: Goldilocks and the Wolf…

Photographer Amanda Tromp and her husky, Kyro, share the story that made them who they are and inspire the wanderlust in all of us.

Lauren Bacall left - Harper's Bazaar May 1943 - by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Lauren Bacall left - Harper's Bazaar May 1943 - by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Another photo pitched as harmony in the animal world. More than likely this bird is trying to scare the wolf away because of a nearby nest

Intelligent animals both, crows(ravens?) and wolves have been known to play together in the wild and it has been observed that crows(Ravens?) will sometimes alert wolves to potential prey in order that they might share in the food it would provide.