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The only sensible way to stack Tolkien’s work in a bookstore

Community Post: 26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life

"Changing Channels" is one of the best/worst things that ever happened to you | 26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life

Supernatural Coloring Book

Love Supernatural? Love to color? Check out the Supernatural Coloring book! 12 pages all things SPN to color! Each page is one sided so when you

Supernatural Gif ~ I don't know what is going on here but it may be one of the greatest things I've ever seen

Journal of A Man of Letters | Sam Winchester's Journal - Entry #46 ||| "And now there’s this…thing on his arm, the Mark of Cain. I can’t believe how detached, how calm Dean was when he showed me the scar. Telling me about his cool brand new tattoo or about a pair of jeans he bought this morning would have been exactly the same. ... Now I have to try everything so that my brother can do the right things too. It is my turn to be his Jiminy Cricket." [...]