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Ducks head North for Summer: Willie of Duck Dynasty set for Craven Country Jamboree

duck dynasty pictures | Duck Dynasty Intro - Sharp dressed man (ZZ Top)

Hey! Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty - A&E Duck dynasty me on how they see their partnership with Hollywood.

Duck Dynasty on A

Duck Dynasty: Godwin when he was just a lil' boy ;) Helms Helms Aww look at wittle baby Godwin!

I am the MacGyver of cooking If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pigs feet, pine cones...and a woodpecker, I'll make you a good chicken pot pie. - Duck Dynasty - Uncle Si | Meme Generator

Duck Dynasty - Uncle Si - it doesn't get better than him. I laugh so hard I cry everytime I hear his wisdom :)

He's cracks me up!!!

He's cracks me up!

Jessica is SOOOOO gorgeous!!!!!!

Jessica is my favorite girl! Jep cracks me up being quite and making his jokes outta no where are the best!

Speaking with Sports Spectrum magazine, Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Phil Robertson stated that editors on Duck Dynasty had edited out Jesus’ name in prayers to spare Muslim sensitivities.

The men of "Duck Dynasty's" Robertson family -- Phil, Willie, Jase and Uncle Si -- posed for the cover of Parade magazine and spilled the beans about two of their favorite things: their beards and their wives.


Jase hates Christmas trees and decorations but will put them up for his momma for warm sweet potato pie! I LOVVVVEEEEE Jase.


Picture: Willie Robertson in 'Duck Dynasty.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) featuring 15 pictures.

Duck Dynasty. Better Before the Beard, and with and without the perm for Korie ;)

Duck Dynasty-- Willie & Korie, Willie looks like John Luke.