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Now You Know

The question that people who watched pokemon asked has been answered<---I SHIP THIS<<< I shipped this before I knew what shipping was

Cute POKEMON characters as humans

Pokemon Eevee, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon and espeon - omg I found it. All the old eeveelutions crossed with humans.



I think I was the only one who wanted to hang out with Gary instead of Ash.

How many times have I said this/heard this said....

Check out this funny meme!Hilarious meme from the house of funny

Just like in Lilo and stitch where he doesn't care about the one who MAKES UNLIMITED SANDWHICHES. WUT.

Team Rocket’s logic

Funny pictures about Team Rocket's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Team Rocket's logic. Also, Team Rocket's logic photos.

I remember when I caught my shiny wingull in pokemon pearl. My face was like that for a good solid hour.

yep pretty much.

Charizard wasn't released! Clearly you haven't seen Johto, Advanced Generation and Black & White series. Now Goodra who was also one of the best Pokémon that Ash had was released :(

Ash the "Pokemon Master"<<< he becomes their friends instead of catching them. He actually ASKS them if they want to join him and his rag tag group. Never said you had to actually CATCH them all to become a Pokemon master

Links logic @elizabeth keuneke

Link's logic

Oh, Link, I didn't even realize that you were such a lawn mower. 'Gains world's most powerful sword of the time uses it to cut grass.' Legend of Zelda Quote.