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Andrew Lincoln The Rake 2016

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Andrew Lincoln takes a break

Love You Rick <3 <3

andy-clutterbuck: “ Rick’s Hair [requested by ] ”


The rake photoshoot, Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Founder of the term "Rickyl". Randomness mixed in . Home of the Good Norming and It's Rick & Daryl.

Andrew :)

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"Rick is contemplating his STUFF and THANGS"

Andrew Lincoln as Rick

Andrew Lincoln

Dead man walking: Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus

Well hello there Andrew Lincoln Norman Reedus

Rick's bad-assery has returned; S7. 'Rock In The Road'

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Jason Douglas as Tobin - The Walking Dead _ Season Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Rick and Daryl

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead ART | VK

stay alive by ohlazarus on deviantART

season 8

Walking Dead season 8 photos of Daryl, Rick, and Ezekiel

I could use those pallets, but I might have to go through Rick first.  #thewalkingdead

Some morning Rick!

“ © Sarah Dunn Photography " Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln by Sarah Dunn - I you, Rick!