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Joe's Jeans Women's Petite Bootcut, Bridget, 32

Joe's Jeans Women's Skinny Bootcut ---

hepatoma: Postmortem fetal extrusion, also known as “Coffin birth” is the process of a fetus being pushed through the vagina (much like live birth) of a pregnant decomposing corpse. The fetus is forced out the bloating of the body and by pressure of the gases in the abdominal due to decomposition. The fetus is seen below the body above, laying flat on the ground with the umbilical cord still attached.

As with Al Gore, I'd be much more likely to follow this young man's advice if he followed it himself. But jumping into private, personal jets from private, personal helicopters, leaving a carbon footprint larger than one created by the entire nation combined, doesn't exactly motivate me to park my SUV and never drive it again. So...let's think this through and start over, shall we? - Ronni