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“Just because they don't follow you, doesn't mean they don't follow you.”

I think this quote is important for all people, especially for teenage girls. Girls can be so happy and positive, but at times we can be influenced and hurt by a number of things. People need to learn that no one else should change who you are.

I think this is often true, but not always. You may be having a perfectly good day and then suddenly find yourself in a hellish situation. Learning to detach yourself and observe, goes along way to maintaining a peaceful existence.

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This quote can be used as a catalyst for our programming on leadership and skills to help you fight against Stigma of Mental Health. You are involved in a lot of great programs, so it is important that you take time to sit and listen as well as stand up.

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I need to learn this. I need to know if i feel pretty i am pretty. If i feel beautiful i am beautiful just because my bf doesnt compliment me doesnt make me ugly. Its making him blind for not seeing what a beautiful gf he has and acknowledging it .

This is a wonderful quote that I hope many people can honestly say. When it comes to recovering from addiction, the struggle might be overwhelming but when you stop and think about it, this quote summarizes what is hopefully going through your head.

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