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5th Grade Alternative Energy Resources

This Alternative Energy Resources poster is designed to aide students in understanding that energy can be created from the power of the wind, water, sun, earth, plants, and animal waste. The Texas TEK (5.7C) is listed within the poster inlcuding if the TEK is a Readiness or Supporting Standard.

How To Install Your Own Off The Grid Well — Water is the most essential thing we need for life. With out water we will die within 3 days. Knowing how to install a water well is vital if not the most essential knowledge we could ever have stored in our brain.

DIY Beehive in a Jar - Fresh honey in your backyard

DIY Homemade Cling Wrap: A Natural Plastic Wrap Alternative

can't live without plastic bags? You CAN! Müll vermeiden im Jahr 2015. Oder zumindest Müll vermindern. Bestandsaufnahme erst! Mach mit! Mehr auf

1 Billion plastic drinking straws are used daily worldwide. Bamboo Drinking Straws are a natural alternative to plastic! Washable, reusable, and made from 100% real whole bamboo stalks. Packaged in a biodegradable bag made from plant starch, with a tag made from recycled paper.

off grid tent style living, this is a little out there for outdoors DIY but how much more DIY can you get then living in a tent?

"#WindEnergy" | Understand why to use wind energy - or why to invest in it: Because it makes sense!

Imagine a world where non-renewable resources, such as coal and oil, are in short supply! What can we do now to prepare for this future event? In this JASON Digital Lab, you will create a new energy portfolio for a city. Research new sources of energy and take another look at renewable and inexhaustible sources that were once considered “alternative” such as sunlight and wind. If you can help your city move forward into the future, you’ll be featured on our competitive leaderboards!