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I am thinking about putting this up in my classroom.  Of course the line about prayer would probably have to be left out. :(

I should memorize this one. I alway react and then think. Need to work on this one.

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Colorful and Meaningful - Emotional Equations - understanding whats behind your surface emotions. And once you know this dig deeper again and ask WHY?

My father used to say, "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument."

75 Great Motivational Quotes For The Modern Gentleman

I always tell my children, "When you yell people stop listening to what you are saying and only hear the tone of your voice." Improve your argument.


8 Things to Give Up: Doubting Yourself. Fear of Failure. Criticising Yourself & Others. Negative Self Talk. Fear of Succes. People Pleasing.

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"Ways to create a better life." I LOVE this life. It is simple, yet absolutely on point with how you can create a better life for yourself.

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How To Find Your Passion And Figure Out What You Love In Life


Sometimes I wish people wouldn't judge or put me down, and just understand what I am going through.

Pretend to be ok..easy I already do that every day

It hurts, no one can understand how you really feel. We hide our pain, put on a brace face and carry on. Being strong is hard especially for long periods of time, coping on your own. I feel the pain of others, I really do.

I believe this. Try it.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you you are restoring your own soul ~ Alice Walker ~ Single love


I finally got back my peace of mind yesterday. And I could feel the effect it had on me immediately. Thank you God for the strength and steps it took to find it. I am at peace now and it is a beautiful feeling.

.disliking vs disrespecting others Respect quote

[Self reminder] It's okay yo dislike someone, or even dislike someone for no reason. But it's not okay to disrespect, degrade, and humiliate that person.