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Seriously moffat...

SHUT UP! Could The Doctor have really seen himself (the John Hurt version) in that hotel?

All of the Doctors companions had a huge effect on him but Donna is the only one that will never remember the wonderful times they shared...

Donna Noble - this makes me so sad, off all the Doctors companions i think Donna's story is the saddest<< well.she kinda ties with Rose for me.then again I'm only on season 5 so what do I know


Because, seriously, who doesn't need a suitcase that's bigger on the inside? I need to see if I can find a blue suitcase for Im making this to carry my dolls in!

There will never come a time when we don't need a hero like the Doctor!

They gave him two hearts -- full Moffat quote//That's.so true. Some really wise words said by Moffat.

Looks like River takes after her father…

2 things Like father like daughter RIver is hurting her mom Rory is hurting his dad they are both hurting their parents! ~ dude i called this as i was watching it!

Whovian 12 days of Christmas, because we all know how much The Doctor enjoys Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas Doctor Who style On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a TimeLord in a Blue Box

Awesome Doctor Who

Funny pictures about Some parents are just plain awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Some parents are just plain awesome. Also, Some parents are just plain awesome.

Omg omg Head Cannon excepted Boom I never realized that

It's his really scarf! Really real doctor scarf!

River & the Doctor

Matt and Moffat talk about The Doctor and River. And life is beautiful and wonderful and perfect and MY OTP IS MARRIED. I WIN. <--- hahaha not my complete OTP but I ship them a lot

Why must you hurt me this way? But it dose make you think what if?

The Doctor was working in a toy store. the Doctor did work in a toy store. When he visited Craig the second time.