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Animal totem By Tanya

Animal totem By Tanya

Are you the mysterious snake? Those born from Oct 23 - Nov 22 are represented by this unique birth totem animal.

Does this kind of go with Scorpio? Oh well haha =P Snake Native American Birth Totem Animal

Cette œuvre nous pouvons voir les cheveux blancs d'une femme qui semble être autochtone et dans ces cheveux il y des animaux sauvages comme un ours, un loup, un ratons laveur, un chevreuil ect. J'aime cette œuvre car je la trouve très original car les couleurs qu'elles contiens s'accorde bien avec le thème de l'œuvre.

Spirit Totem Animals: this would be such a badass tattoo. Like the idea. do animals differently

Spirit Totem Animals:  Turtle Prayer.

Incendiary Art: Poems (Triquarterly Books

Turtle Prayer Poster- This beautiful parchment Turtle Prayer Poster mingles the tripal artwork of Eliot Alexander with the poetic prayer of Travis Bowman.

Black cat spirit guide                                                                                                                                                      More

Black cat spirit guide we have this.and black cats sharing our space. Gentle, beautiful and cannot fathom why they are come under so much discrimination.

Just for fun - WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? Take this short quiz to find out!

Spirit Animal Quiz - What's Your Spirit Animal?

SpiritHoods Spirit Animal Quiz - What's Your Spirit Animal? I got that I was in the canine category (includes: wolf, fox, coyote, husky)