DAVID HOCKNEY PHOTO COLLAGE The Printmaking class finishes the year with a photography lesson inspired by David Hockney and Cubism. Cubism is an art movement where artists present a portrait or still-life broken up into multiple viewpoints. These photo collages were assembled using 24 photos of one subject.


Apart Shattered,Shattered Glass,Esa Expanded,Glass Torn,Esa Apart,Collaged Paper,450 320,Winter Story

Dining-plates and saucers mounted to the wall from floor to ceiling. Measurements, 3,5 metres high, 3 metres across, and 1 metre deep. Installation by Zeger Reyers.

There's something so unnerving about a photo with a cut out face, which reminds me of Christian Boltanksi's art. #portrait #people #art

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