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Stop Gun Violence at ICHV.org

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence: Warning Signs, Guns Ahead

Mercedes-Benz Invisible Car Campaign (Outdoor Grand Prix, Cannes Lions 2012)

Invisible Mercedes "Invisible to the Environment". F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Technology Jung Von Matt

If You Pee Against A Wall In Hamburg You Might Be In For A Nasty Surprise

This City's Walls Have A Substance That Splashes Pee Back At Public Urinators

German city uses hydrophobic paint to splash public urinators with pee - ScienceAlert

blues and greys in yakima

blues and greys in yakima. we innovate

Sprite (Pop-up ad): This pop-up shower not only reinforces Sprite's stance as a refreshing soda, but also gives beachgoers a chance to refresh themselves after spending their day out in the sun. Designing the shower to look like a soda fountain created further brand association and fun for engaged consumers.

Funny unexpected ad locations: Sprite Showers: The Most Refreshing Ad Campaign On The Beach.

Happiness Machine for couples

Happiness Machine for couples. On Valentine's Day, Coca Cola installed a remote-controlled vending machine at a busy shopping mall in Istanbul.