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Winter Solstice: At the #Winter #Solstice.

Pure White Winterscapes

packlight-travelfar: / Blue Pond Spring Snow,Hokkaido, Japan Photography by by Kent Shiraishi)

a perfect gray: wishing you all the best...

I love fresh snow that hasn't been walked on! A View of a Snow-Covered Bridge in the Woods, by Richard Nowitz

Hiver <3 ****

I love the snowy night in this picture.The structure and appearance of the house looks gorgeous.The night with the snow contrasting against the house and light looks very nice! It brings and reveals beauty into the night.

Icy Berries

Berberis thunbergii barberry berry – fruit, ice red berries in winter iced snow I had trees like this at my home in MO. I miss this at christmas time in Arizonza, but not the rest of the year:) qb

A snowy waterfall (gif) so beautiful!

A snowy waterfall

Funny pictures about Captivating snowfall. Oh, and cool pics about Captivating snowfall. Also, Captivating snowfall.

ᏇᎥɲʈҽr Ꮗσɲdҽrland

I have quite a fondness for trees. Trees in design of all kinds and trees in photography too. This form of photographing trees is a favorite. I think that it's very creative and lends a unique,

♥⊱ Winter wonderland ⊰♥

❄A MidWinter's Night's Dream❄. The Lake Frosty Falls into in Avanalceon(Pond, Vitaliy Bovanko).By Artist Unknown.