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Neal and Mozzie. White Collar Quotes

Problems make plots, Mozzie. Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey and Willie Garson as his partner-in-crime, Mozzie, in White Collar.

Matt Bomer as Neal - Pilot episode where Peter called his new living arrangement "cappucino and clouds".

Matt Bomer as Neal - Pilot episode where Peter called his new living arrangement "cappucino in the clouds".

White Collar - Tim DeKay & Matt Bomer

A photo full of adorable! Tim and his "White Collar" co-star, the beautiful Matt Bomer (another of my infatuations). Most epic bromance on TV, and as you can see, close friends off-set as well.

Review: USA's 'White Collar' Sizzles

Matt Bomer is Neal Caffrey a con-man, master forger, and white collar criminal. In order to get out of jail he agrees to work for the FBI under Special Agent Peter Burke, the man that caught him, twice.

matthew staton bomer

Matt Bomer [White Collar's Neal Caffrey]. (Bonus video in Comments)

oh Matt Bomer how I love you." The White Collar star is basically the closest thing to a real-life Disney prince ever. Why settle for mediocre when Bomer's basically the real thing? (Seriously, those eyes. And face. And hair. And smile. And abs.

Xyy'nai Matt Bomer Actor Matthew Staton "Matt" Bomer is an American actor, known for his role on the USA Network series White Collar, which premiered in 2009. Wikipedia

If you've watched Bomer slink around Manhattan as the gorgeous and charming Neal Caffrey on his show "White Collar" it becomes very clear why he is a fan favorite. Look at that face. The camera loves this man! He is Christian Grey!

White Collar - wonderful USA tv show.  Season 4 starts July 10th.

White Collar - wonderful USA TV show. I have started watching this TV show because of Matt Bomer (aka "sex on…