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Leviathan, a short film about some space men trying to catch a space whale, is awesome. So let's take some time to look at some of the awesome concept art that went into its production.

benmaurodesign:Some costume designs done in 2011 for Ruairi Robinson’s rad short film LEVIATHON that just got released. Check it out if you havent seen it yet! The Leviathan & Teaser

Fantastic Non-SR Shadowrunesque Art Thread

Yers by - This could be good starting point for designing civilian clothes for characters in 'Shattered Worlds'. I would like to have various styles existing across worlds and cultures.

The Amazing Spiderman Concept Art by George Hull.

In preparation for 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, I give readers concept art from the first movie-The Amazing Spider-Man! (some of the art was cut and there's a .

sekigan:  Hiroyasu Okanaga さんの Study materials. ボードのピン | Pinterest

Artist are always looking for inspiration, isn't it? If you're starting or ending your day, you'll for sure like to have a look at the art of Mitchell Mohr


Artist Jeff Miller created this awesome futuristic space suit design after the movie Gravity sparked his imagination. He says the suit was inspired by a variety of real and conceptual space suit designs.

JPG.jpg (1131×1600)

Check out Gabriel Cross, the latest concept for The Icarus Project, the sci fi skirmish game from Icarus Miniatures.