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Little Golden Books.. My childhood faves!

Anyone else get excited when they see these bindings?Golden Books - loved these always brings me back to my childhood love, reading!

VINTAGE GERBER CEREAL BOXES -  When I was little, I spilled Gerber cereal on living room rug and tried to clean it up with a wet rag.

Vintage Gerber Baby Cereal Boxes - I remember mixing this stuff up and feeding my baby brothers back in the It was nearly always oatmeal.

Baby Ruth- more than love!!!

''Baby Ruth'' Value for Five Cents Vintage Chocolate Candy Curtis Candy company

Baby asprins

Bayer Baby Chewable Aspirin - before baby aspirin became the lethal poison that it is for today's children.

Diaper pins used with cloth diapers...the kind you had to wash!

vintage diaper pins for cloth diapers. I remember running the sharp end through my hair so they'd go through the cloth diaper easier.

Baby cribs

Crib with decal. I managed to somehow survive this unsafe crib as did my kids! Oh gosh , this looks just like the baby bed I slept in , i remember climbing out of it to get in the bed with mama and daddy

Vintage Baby Toy Rattle .  Pastel disks on a chain 1950s

Pastel disks on a chain - The precursor to plastic keys! I remember Julie having these

Me and all my children learned how to walk rite in these lol

Todd's baby shoes :( He was so cute in them. Stride Rite shoes always. White Leather Lace-Up Baby Walking shoes. (How did we kids learn to walk in these hard, stiff shoes back in the day?